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Door Installation, Repair & Replacement

Residential Door Repair

Patio Doors

If you are in need of patio or sliding door replacement, repair, or installation services, then look no further...

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Break In Service

A door emergency can strike at any time and for a number of reasons. You may need emergency glass repair...

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Lock Repair / Replacement

While most good locks are designed to last for a long time, there are definitely components of your...

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Door Repair / Replacement

Door Repair and Replacement is something that most home and business owners are going to have to attend to at...

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Door Hardware

Many Commercial door hardware services claim to provide their clients with the best of the best, but at Doors on the Move we truly do provide you with only top tier products. Our crew of seasoned professionals will install our products on your commercial door quickly and expertly, and make sure you are confident that we've left you with a door that will keep you safe. Our products run the gamut from high-security locking mechanisms to heavy-duty hinges. If you are looking to secure any commercial door, we have the solution.

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Glass Doors

Glass doors are one of the most pleasing aesthetic additions that can be made to any business or home. They are elegant, easy to look after, and allow you a clear window into what is going on outside your home or business. At Doors on the Move, we pride ourselves on our ability to repair glass and sliding glass doors. We are able to quickly repair or provide maintenance to any glass door, anywhere in your home or business. While glass is quite easy to clean, it’s maintenance is sometimes complicated by its fragility.

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Electric Mechanisms

Any business owner with an electronic door knows that having a fully functional door is part of establishing trust and a strong business relationship with your customers. If customers know you have an electronic door and it is not working, or it is constantly unpredictable or in disrepair, it can damage that trust. Sometimes the electronic door lock system is not working, and you need a professional to rectify the situation. That's where Doors on the Move can help.

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Break In / Emergency Services

Emergency Locksmith Service

One of the worst things in the world is getting locked out of your home or office. You might have an old key that breaks off in the door, or the lock can get stuck because of cold weather. Whatever the case may be, when you find yourself unable to get into your home or business, you need a locksmith that is going to respond fast, and be able to quickly diagnose the situation. That is why Doors on the Move provides its customers with a 24/7 locksmith service that will respond to your urgent needs whenever they arise. We are always here to help...

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