Emergency Door Repair & Replacement

Emergency Door Repairs

An unexpected emergency can strike when you least expect it. You might be getting ready to go out of town, or be preparing to host friends, relatives, or a big event. While you probably put a lot of care into selecting the best, most durable doors for your home or business, they are not invincible. Good thing Doors on the Move is all over the GTA to offer around the clock, 24/7 emergency repair services. We have technicians standing by all day, every day, to ensure that you always have an emergency door repair service at your disposal.

How Our Emergency Door Repair Service Works

After we’ve received your call, we will be at your home or business within half an hour. If you are located outside the Greater Toronto Area, we will get there as quick as we can. After assessing the extent of the damage, we will be able to come up with a solution on the spot. We always come prepared with the requisite tools and expertise to be able to effectively handle anything you put in front of us.


Vandalism can take the form of simple blunt force trauma to a door or frame, or can even be something like graffiti. If you live in a big metropolitan area, unfortunately there are going to be graffiti artists around who don’t care that they are vandalizing private property. If you have a door that needs replacing due to any of the above issues, we can replace the door quickly and affordably, and no one will ever know what happened.

Break Ins and Attempted Break Ins

Break in door repair services are, unfortunately, required in a place as big as the Greater Toronto Area. If you have just come home from a long day of work, or are just getting to work and notice that someone has either broken in, or attempted to do so, call us right away. Our emergency technicians will come out immediately to rectify the situation. Sometimes a break in requires a brand new door, sometimes just a repair.

Rust, Wear, and Tear

Wear and tear is going to impact your door regardless of where it is in your home or business. If you have a door that is looking a little worse for the wear, and you are not sure how much longer it will stand the test of time, then get in touch with Doors on the Move.

Repairing a Frame

You can only open and close, or bump your door’s frame so many times over the course of its useful life before you are going to need to either repair or replace the frame. If you are need of emergency door repair service because of a frame that has seen better days, we are here to help.

Doors on the Move is the Greater Toronto Area’s one stop shop for all emergency door repair and replacement needs. Contact us today at (416) 624-5351, and let us know how we can attend to your emergency door repair and replacement needs.

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