Electric Door & Lock Repair

Electric-MechanismsAny business owner with an electronic door knows that having a fully functional door is part of establishing trust and a strong business relationship with your customers. If customers know you have an electronic door and it is not working, or it is constantly unpredictable or in disrepair, it can damage that trust. Sometimes the electronic door lock system is not working, and you need a professional to rectify the situation. That’s where Doors on the Move can help.

Electronic Door Locks

Many doors employ electronic door locks, which have complicated moving parts that require both special installation and repair considerations. You want expert technicians that understand the electrical components surrounding these systems, so you can be sure that when you open and lock your electronic door, everything works as it should. At Doors on the Move, all of our technicians are skilled at installing and repairing all manner of electronic mechanisms and electric door lock systems. Whether its for a residential or a commercial building, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that their electronic door is functioning as it should, and we always install it right the first time around.

Electronic Door Lock System

Electronic door locks, also known as access control locks, make sure that certain people are not allowed to enter certain areas. Whether it is in a commercial building requiring pass codes to get from one area of the facility to another, or it is a residential electronic lock that eliminates the need for a traditional key and grants entry based on a numbered code, Doors on the Move is able to install and repair a wide range of systems. Electronic door locks can be temperamental, even more so if they are constantly exposed to the elements, or face a lot of wear and tear. Our team has many years of experience making sure customers’ electronic door lock systems are properly installed and working as they should.

Electric Garage Doors

We also specialize in repairing and servicing electronic garage doors, both residential and commercial. All of our electric garage door systems are state of the art and industrial grade, affording you maximum protection. We are very proud of the level of security that we are able to offer individuals and businesses all over the GTA, and our customers rest easy knowing that their electric garage door is a secure point of entry to their home, building, or business. As with our other services, we offer 24/7 maintenance and repair, to make sure that the GTA is never without a competent and dedicated electric garage door specialist.

If you are in need of any of the above services, or would like to discuss how we can help you with any and all of your electronic door needs, call us today at (416) 624-5351, and let us show you why we are fast becoming one of the most trusted names in the GTA.

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