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Glass doors are one of the most pleasing aesthetic additions that can be made to any business or home. They are elegant, easy to look after, and allow you a clear window into what is going on outside your home or business. At Doors on the Move, we pride ourselves on our ability to repair glass and sliding glass doors. We are able to quickly repair or provide maintenance to any glass door, anywhere in your home or business.

Replacing Your Glass Doors

While glass is quite easy to clean, it’s maintenance is sometimes complicated by its fragility. Sometimes a bird will fly into your glass door and cause a crack, or an errant hockey puck or baseball can mean a repair or replacement is in order. A cracked glass door should be dealt with quickly before the crack spreads and requires that you purchase a whole new door. Our technicians, with nearly a decade of experience, are able to help both residential and commercial property owners by providing glass door repair services that are second to none.

Maintaining a Glass Door

Because your glass door is such an important and potentially vulnerable point of entry, it makes sense to have its maintenance taken care of by an experienced professional. Our expert staff will ensure that your glass door always looks clean and strong. When we service your door, you will be amazed at just how brand new it looks after it has had a professional touch. Glass doors experience wear and tear like all other doors, and require some TLC to keep them looking their best.

Installation and Repair

WIth Doors on the Move, glass door repair and installation services for your home or business are at your beck and call, 24/7. If you require an emergency door repair, don’t hesitate to call us at any time of the day or night. If you come home from work or back from vacation, and notice that there is a massive crack running the length of the door, or you return to the office to see that the door has suffered the effects of an attempted break-in, we are always here to help. Call us immediately and let us get the situation back to normal in a flash. If you don’t currently have a glass door on your property and would like one, we can take care of the installation in no time at all.

Contact Doors on the Move today at (416) 624-5351, for a free, comprehensive quote. We can have one of our expert technicians out to your house fast, and we always get the job done right the first time, letting you get on with your life.

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