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One of the great things about Doors on the Move is that you don’t need to consider regular working hours with us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we are here to serve you. If you require emergency services, we can have someone to you within half an hour, ready to work (provided you live in the Greater Toronto Area). If you are outside that area, we will get to you as fast as we can, but can’t guarantee it will be within the half hour timeframe.

Our name may be a newer addition to the door and lock industry, but with a team of expert and trained technicians with years of experience, we are by no means novice. We have nearly a decade of experience providing comprehensive door and lock services to people and businesses all over the Greater Toronto Area. We offer locksmith services and emergency door repair, and we are experienced with virtually every facet of door hardware and accessories. There are very few situations our team hasn’t seen and doesn’t have extensive experience dealing with. We make sure to keep up to date on all industry developments as far as standards and best practices are concerned, we only work with the best product lines available, and we offer competitive pricing that you will find hard to beat anywhere in the industry.

If you have been looking for a highly trained and trustworthy lock and door specialist in the Greater Toronto Area, Doors on the Move is here to fill the void, providing a one stop shop for all door and lock repair, installation, and service needs. Contact us today at (416) 624-5351.

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