At Doors on the Move, we are dedicated to providing our unbeatable door and lock services to the entire Greater Toronto Area. If you live in the GTA, Doors on the Move is able to have one of our expert technicians or locksmiths to you within half an hour of receiving your call. The Greater Toronto Area is a community, and Doors on the Move is committed to being a helpful, conscientious, and trustworthy member of that community.

Door Repair Service Newmarket

Doors on the Move considers it an honour to be able to offer second to none lock and door services, years of expertise and customer service to the growing community of Newmarket, Ontario. As the home to a wide range of businesses and commercial interests, as well as a community of families and hardworking Ontarians, we know that Newmarket is in need of a trustworthy and reliable lock and door specialist to ensure their property and their loved ones are always well looked after.

Door Repair Service Barrie

Here at Doors on the Move, we are proud for the chance to serve the community of Barrie, Ontario. Located close to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Doors on the Move understands that the people, businesses and the entire community of Barrie needs a professional, customer service-oriented lock and door specialist for all their security, repair and installation needs. When you choose Doors on the Move, you are choosing a company with the most extensive range of products and experience you will find anywhere in the industry. Our technicians and expert locksmiths are friendly, professional and deeply knowledgeable about everything lock and door.

Door Repair Service Toronto

With a population of nearly 3 million people, Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and its cultural and economic heart. One of the major challenges of living in such a big city is that the security and protection of yourself, your family, and your business is always going to be a top priority, and something you have to consider every day. Having experienced locksmiths and door and lock installation, repair, and service experts is a necessity in a city like Toronto.

Door Repair Service Ajax

Doors on the Move is also proud to be able to service the community of Ajax, Ontario. Ajax, like all other cities, requires lock and door specialists to ensure that the community is well protected. Ajax, hosting a diverse range of businesses, and home to families and people from all over the world, knows that it pays to have experienced lock and door experts in their community.

Door Repair Service Brampton

Doors on the Move is also thrilled to be able to provide its unparalleled lock and door expertise to the community of Brampton. Brampton is an example of the diversity of Canada, and the community is made up of people from all over the world. We are proud to provide all of our lock and door services (including emergency lock and door services) to the community of Brampton, Ontario.

Door Repair Service Markham

Located just north of the city of Toronto, Markham, Ontario is another important commercial and residential centre in the GTA. While Doors on the Move is a new addition to the Markham community, our technicians have been providing service to Markham for years, and they know what the community wants and expects from their lock and door experts.

Door Repair Service Mississauga

Mississauga, Ontario, located just west of the city of Toronto, is one of the largest urban centres in all of Canada, and is home to a diverse array of businesses and residents, all in need of qualified, hardworking lock and door experts. Doors on the Move knows this, which is why we are dedicated to providing the community of Mississauga with access to features like our 24/7 emergency lock and door services, and a team of technicians with nearly ten years experience in the industry.

Door Repair Service Oakville

Doors on the Move is a new name in Oakville, but our team has been working in and with the community of Oakville, Ontario for nearly ten years. Oakville is a nice mix of residential and commercial spaces, and having that diversity means lock and door specialists need to be equally well-versed in commercial and residential issues. The community of Oakville gets such specialists when they deal with Doors on the Move.

Door Repair Service Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is another bustling, rapidly growing residential and commercial area in the Greater Toronto Area. With so many new and growing families in the area, as well as important commercial interests, Richmond Hill and Doors on the Move are a perfect match. We look forward to building strong, long-lasting relationships with the residents of Richmond Hill.

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