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Here at Doors on the Move, we are proud for the chance to serve the community of Barrie, Ontario. Located close to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Doors on the Move understands that the people, businesses and the entire community of Barrie needs a professional, customer service-oriented lock and door specialist for all their security, repair and installation needs. When you choose Doors on the Move, you are choosing a company with the most extensive range of products and experience you will find anywhere in the industry. Our technicians and expert locksmiths are friendly, professional and deeply knowledgeable about everything lock and door.

A major concern for the community of Barrie is making sure families, businesses and personal properties remain safe and secure. We here at Doors on the Move are committed to helping make Barrie and its residents safe and secure 24 hours/day, every single day of the week, all year round. With a company like Doors on the Move in the community, Barrie never need feel as though their loved ones and property are at risk.

Doors on the Move takes the security and the well-being of the communities it serves incredibly seriously. We don’t want our customers to view us as just another option on the market, but as an integral and contributing member of the community providing a valuable service in a conscientious manner. We build long-lasting business partnerships and relationships in the communities we serve by treating all our customers with the same high level of respect and dignity.

Our aim is to build our business through hard work, trust and most importantly, results. We are also proud to be offering the community of Barrie 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year emergency repair, installation and locksmith services. It is nerve-wracking to come home at the end of the day, after a vacation or even after just taking the dog for a walk, to find that your lock or door has been damaged and is in need of immediate repair.

We believe no one should have to wait for emergency lock and door repair services, so any time of the day or night, every single day of the year, we are on call to fix your lock and door problems fast.

All of our expert locksmiths and technicians are intimately familiar with a wide range of doors and locks and will have your lock and/or door problem identified and solved quickly.

If you are lucky enough to call the community of Barrie your home or place of business and are in need of a lock and door company that will never let you down, rain or shine, get in touch with Doors on the Move today. Contact us at (866) 368-5630 and find out why we are fast becoming one of the most respected names in the industry.

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